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Board Certified Top Urologist 2007-2016

State-of-the-art urology office offering modern diagnostic testing including ultrasound, urine testing and bloodwork.



Patients Choice Award 2015

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High Tech Kidney Stone Care

We specialize in the most innovative and high tech kidney stone treatment. We offer same day diagnosis and treatment of all kidney stones. We offer urgent and through care in office. We can diagnosis your stone with ultrasound right in the office. If we determine a stone is causing the pain or blood in the urine we can treat the stone right in the office on the same day. We offer anesthesia for procedures that in the past would be painful but now are pain-free. We offer the latest equipment for treating stones without even taking off your clothes. We are on the leading edge of research and innovation in robotic and minimally invasive kidney stone care. We have offices in Manhattan and Forest Hills, and Brooklyn. Our docotrs have been awarded numerous awards including Patients Choice and Top Urologist awards as well as published in peer review journals.

We care about our patients and the expense of going to get top notch treatment. We gladly accept most insurance plans and have low rates for people without insurance.

The Medical Director of urology is David Shusterman, MD. Dr. Shusterman is a board certified urologist who specializes in state of the art compassionate kidney stone treatment.

High Technology Kidney Stone Care Flowchart



Same Day Results

For years, patients have been sent out to do imaging instead of doing it same day. That means results are instant and diagnosis is made quickly and we can start treatment right away without multiple visits. This saves time and money and can diagnosis stones right away without the need for radiation.


Instant urine analysis

Through this and other services, we can instantly find out on the first visit the general parameters of the urine flow and urine analysis. It is our version of the EKG. We measure the speed and volume of your flow and the wave curve of the urine flow.  All these tests are completely non-invasive and the results are given to you the same day. Based on these results we can tell what diet you need to be on to help prevent stones in the future.


Taking Care of You

Through a holistic approach to kidney stone care, we try viewing each patient as a whole rather than as a number. We evaluate the circumstances to see who needs treatment and to offer treatment as soon as possible as opposed to what's best for our schedule. Your health deserves proper care and attention and I’m able to provide. The testing results can be accessed online via a patient portal. With blood testing we can recommend medication and diet that will prevent the risk of developing stones in the future.

Your Health is in Good Hands

We Only Employ Top Board Certified Urologists

After years of surgical and medical training and experience with kidney stones, we understand how to work with patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. Our thoughtful and personalized approach combined with the best technology makes us the Top Kidney Stone Center in the New York.  

Get an appointment with our medical director Dr. David Shusterman


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